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Team communication around documents, reinvented.

Stacks is the first workspace fully designed for teams to discuss ideas and work on documents more efficiently with the help of AI.

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How we keep everything neat

Because communication between different teams can be chaotic, Stacks allows you to organize them across 3 different levels: “Panel”, “Stack”, and “Object”. Each one is customizable to provide an experience like never before.

Efficient Collaboration

Each Stack separates communication into 2 layers (Comments & Chat), enabling seamless coordination among team members to achieve shared goals efficiently.

Comments and Chats

"Comments" acts as an evergreen bulletin board for sharing updated, ideas, or reference links - everything you need in one place.
"Chat" allows your team to communicate in real time - quick questions, causal convos, all without the email fuss.

The latest “tech-stack” is in Stacks

Stacks uses our proprietary Natural Language Ai Engine to navigate relationships between documents, their content, and their hidden similarities and connections, to recommend the relevant ones and enhance your workflow, all through a flexible and intuitive dashboard.


Not only document search, but document Understanding

Every time you ask Stacks for a document, it will automatically generate a summary of the relevant content, relevant keywords, and the location in a file that matches your search. Just hover your mouse over any file name and watch the magic happen.

AI Vault

Stacks ensures your data is safely stored and accessible anytime, anywhere. Your information remains protected from unauthorized access or breaches.

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